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Through these ministries, we aim to help you to grow in your faith and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus. We want to create opportunities to connect people with each other with real, authentic relationships.  

Children's Ministry

We are committed to planting God’s Word within the hearts of children. We teach them God’s Word each time we meet and we strive to fill their church experience with plenty of love and fun.


The name of our Youth Group is called “Mpact”. We are striving to make our youth mature disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are teaching our youth to make an MPACT in our community and in their church.  

Youth Group
Small Groups

Small Groups are where people can grow and build real authentic relationships. It becomes a safe place where people are not afraid to let down their walls and be open and transparent; a place where it’s OK to have struggles as we seek to find answers in God’s Word!

Sunday School
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Sunday School teaches the Bible, the Word of God. The Word of God produces change in the lives of people... from lost to saved, from stagnant to growing in Christ, from uninvolved to involved, from depressed to encouraged, from apathetic to excited, from broken relationships to healthy ones. 

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