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We serve a generous God. Everything that we have belongs to Him and we want to be good stewards. We believe our attitude towards money and possessions matters. That’s why we want to be wise and generous with both. We also want to make the process of giving as simple and easy as possible through online giving. Just follow the link above to begin.

How to Give Online


1. Click the link above.​

2. Provide your payment type (Tithe or Special Offering, like Building Fund), then Click Next.

3. Enter Name, Notes (Tithing, for example), Amount (Note: you can also add 2.5% to offset fees from the bank), then Click Next.

4. Choose Guest or Log In (New visitors click Pay as Guest, but you have the option to “Remember Me” at the bottom). Enter card information, then Click Pay.

5. You will immediately receive a confirmation email.


For recurring payments…


6. On the final page, there’s a green button that reads, “Create Scheduled Payment.” Click the button.

7. Confirm Payment Nickname (Tithe, etc.), Name, Notes, Payment Method, then choose Schedule (Weekly or Monthly Tithing). The system will automatically choose the next date for payment, such as one week or one month after the initial donation.

8. Choose Total Number of Payments (Set a goal, such as 52 for a full year of weekly donations, or “Until I Cancel” for ongoing payments).

9. Confirm amount and then click Save Scheduled Payment.

10. You’ll then receive a second confirmation email!

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